Efficient Handling and Processing of PetaByte-Scale Data
for the Grid Centers within the FR Cloud



The strategic objective of the project is to provide the means for the improvement of the processing and handling of large sets of data at the Tier2 grid centers which participate in the ATLAS experiment at the LHC computing support. In the framework of the ATLAS grid organization, the Romanians and French sites must find solutions for the organizational and technical coordination of their common activities within the FR Cloud. In this respect, the project foresees the realization of joint and complementary specific actions in the benefit of the research activities which are internally conducted by the partners in the field.

The project is essential for the efficiency of the collaboration between the grid centers of IFIN-HH and the French grid sites (in particular with the GRIF Tier2) during the first years of LHC data taking.

The main goals of HaPPSDaG are the building of an efficient coordination structure and the optimization of the existing grid infrastructure, by detecting and solving the communication issues, improving the data transfer and distribution, and increasing the performance of the storage.

The solutions implemented during the project will eventually lead to the improvement of the quality of service of the Romanian sites within the FR Cloud, and to a more efficient use of their grid resources.

Moreover, the project will elaborate general methods and procedures for increasing the productivity of the Tier-2 sites, with direct application to the centers that are associated to the ATLAS clouds.





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